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water discharge hose blue disch sae 100 r17

KM310 (Foras) /25. SE150 (Foras) /50 SE200 (Foras) /50 SE300

SINGLE STAGE PUMPS MODEL kw SUCT/DISCH (mm) CMA050 (Ebara) /25 CMA075 (Ebara) /25 CMA100 (Ebara) /25 CMA150 (Ebara) /25 CMA200 (Ebara) /25


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What are the Nozzle tip size for fire truck pump test

100 feet of hose is usually adequate. Table A discharge diameter (see table A "HOSE AND NOZZLE Psi Corr. Psi Disch. GPM Press. Psi Corr